Item #33457 HOW TO BUILD A PLANET. Signed Typescript. Poul Anderson.

HOW TO BUILD A PLANET. Signed Typescript.

N.p, N.d: Änderson, 1971.

First Edition. Signed by Author. Anderson, Poul. HOW TO BUILD A PLANET. Signed. n.p. n.d. "The axial inclination is also a matter of choice. One might have postulated a really rakish tilt and thus have gotten some extreme seasons". One page Typed Manuscript Signed by Poul Anderson. An excerpt from, How To Build A Planet, originally published in the 1971 SFWA Handbook, later a Chapbook with Stephen L Gillett 81/2" X 11". 2 typed paragraphs on white paper stock. Beginning with the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram of stars, How To Build A Planet provides instructions on how to choose one likely to have viable planets, calculating planetary factors such as gravity, axial tilt, energy received per square foot, translating into seasons, weather, plausible biomass, and everything else that makes a believable world on which to set a SF story.

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