TBCL's Canadian Catalogue is a smorgasbord of 'modern' stuff: First Statement Press, Contact Press & early Ryerson titles, many in superb condition, many enhanced with author presentations, many unique one-of-a-kind editions. Like F. R. Scott's copy of HERE AND NOW and Irving Layton's brother Larry's copy of NOW IS THE PLACE, & several special pieces of MacLennan like his copy of Devastated Halifax or Dorothy Duncan Maclennan's inscribed copy of Maugham's A WRITER'S NOTEBOOK, "For Hugh - / in the Neuro - / From Dorothy - / in the Ross - / Oct 1949" and there's MacLennan's copy of KARSH'S CANADIANS inscribed to him by Karsh. There are extraordinary gems from the early 20th century: two unique presentation Bliss Carmen's inscribed to Charles G. D. Roberts & then there's C.G.D. Roberts' inscribed copy of Lampman's AMONG THE MILLET, where Roberts claims: ".... to be the discoverer of Lampman's genius". There's the dedication copy of WHITE SAVANNAS - the earliest piece of modernist criticism, a complete set of the INDIAN RAILWAY books, a full set of FIRST STATEMENT PRESS books, & a full trio of PM MAGAZINE retaining the Jack Shadbolt original art. The catalogue also presents a fine complete set of Gael Tunbull's 4 little Iroquois Falls translations done up in a run of only 25 copies. There's Souster's irreplaceable presentation to Gustafson of WHEN WE ARE YOUNG, a great run of Richler including an amazing early Richler letter to his Cape reader prior to the publication of The Acrobats. There's a perfect presentation of the first book in the McGill Poetry Series, Cohen's LET US COMPARE MYTHOLOGIES, a "set" of THE CIRCLE GAME including Alan Walker's copy & a flawless DOUBLE PERSEPHONE along with a fine SHAKESPEARE'S BOY ACTORS in dustwrapper, & 4 of the finest imaginable Timothy Findley's on the planet - And in an edgier vein, Gibson's typescript for NEUROMANCER & setting copy of COUNT ZERO. Of the 250 or so featured titles listed, most are noteworthy for condition & state and many are offered here for the first time in decades. If you're one of the half dozen remaining collectors of great Canadian stuff, we hope that you will enjoy the read. We think there are still six of you left.

Highlights from Our Canadian Literature Catalogue