Item #32994 TLS February 8th, 1930. Compton Mackenzie.

TLS February 8th, 1930.


Original Autographed Letter. Signed by Author. Original Typed Letter signed by the Scottish novelist Sir Compton Mackenzie February 8th, 1930 while he was living on the Isle of Jethou. 1 page 8vo., 7” x 9” folded twice on the letterhead with “ISLE OF JETHOU-GUERNSEY,C.I.” printed on the heading of the stationery. A chatty letter talking about finishing his next book which at the time could have been the comedy ‘Buttercups and Daisies’, what his next topic will be for the Sunday Times and meeting at the Savile Club.
Sir Compton Mackenzie was a distinguished member of the London Gentlemen’s Club.

“Dear Mr. Rees: Many thanks for your note. I noticed the paragraph in the Sunday Times which has since been copied by many other papers. I shall be proud and delighted to write sometimes for the Sunday Times, and when I think of a suitable topic I will write and make a suggestion. I will write and ask the secretary at the Savile Club to put my name down under Ronald Scott, whom I thought a charming fellow. I may manage to get to London at the end of the month, but I am trying to finish a book and have been rather seedy lately so I may not manage it. All kind regards. Yours sincerely Compton Mackenzie"

“Sir Compton Mackenzie is perhaps best known for two comic novels set in Scotland: Whisky Galore (1947) set in the Hebrides, and The Monarch of the Glen (1941) set in the Scottish Highlands. They were the sources of a successful film and a television series respectively”.Wikipedia.

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