Item #31915 TERRIFIC 4 PAGE ALS FROM BERT MATHIEU May 13th, 1978. Henry Miller, Bert Mathieu.


New Haven: Mathieu, May 13th, 1978. 1978.

1st Edition. Signed by Author. Miller, Henry [Bert Mathieu]. TERRIFIC 4 PAGE ALS FROM BERT MATHIEU May 13th, 1978. Terrific 4 page Als from Miller's friend [& translator of Miller & Rimbaud], Bert Mathieu, Univ. of New Haven, May 13th 1978 covering a lot of territory. - In part. "My dear Henry / I spoke with Tony on the phone a few days ago and he assured me that everything was OK with regards to the Rimbaud illuminations. I can't tell you how ecstatically happy it made me to hear you were giving your approval on all counts! You're a Swedenborgian "Angel" under that gruff exterior, do you know that? And I love you". Bert goes on to discuss the publisher's aim to produce a perfect book sparing nothing to get the job done. He tells Miller that he's down somewhat because his French girl, Cecile has had to fly to Nantes because her dad was ill & that she won't return any time soon so he'll be joining her at the end of June "when I start my summer-long writing /tramping / research adventure in Provence and Rimbaud's Charlesville - it is there that I plan to finish my translation of the third Rimbaud book, the early rhymed poems. . . Right there on the banks of the Meuse where he composed the "Bateau ivre". . . I want to visit Nantes because it is the birthplace of my favorite boyhood writer, Jules Verne but I also want to go to Carnac and Mont St. Michel. Needless to say I'll send you quickie apercus. . . Tony assures me you're in fine shape. Durrell says you are "ecstatic." Toujours parmi les anges, quoi! / Ma Main amie! / Bert" with the original mailing envelope on which Miller has written: "Tony - Please answer his question. Too tired today to answer him . HM" Provenance: PBA /The Personal Archive of Henry Miller Part I Fine Modern Literature Thursday, June 26, 1997. Original Autographed Letters & Documents.

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