Typed document titled: Hans Stefan Santesson: 1914:-1975. Harlan Jay Ellison.

Typed document titled: Hans Stefan Santesson: 1914:-1975.

Sherman Oaks: 1975.

1st Edition. Soft cover. Signed by Author. Harlan Jay Ellison. Typed document titled: Hans Stefan Santesson: 1914:-1975. 4 original typed pages [rectos only] approximately 750 words on heavy onion skin stock, Sherman Oaks, California, 1975. A poignant moving eulogy titled "Hans Stefan Santesson: 1914:-1975". In part: "He's gone, he died alone, and words need to be said about him, because he was a solitary man, in many ways a sad man and he was more important to all of us than many of you know" and ."because he was a fine and intelligent and caring man to whom many of us owe large pieces of our careers. You would have liked him. I know you would have liked him. And if you were a young writer, hungry to make it and broke as only one can be in New York.you could always go to Hans and he'd hand you a stat of a cover and he'd say, 'Can you give me about five thousand words around this painting for a week from today?'" Hans Stefan Santesson (born 8 July 1914, in Paris, France died 18 February 1975), was an American editor, writer, and reviewer. He edited Fantastic Universe and he edited The Saint Detective Magazine, and went on to edit several science fiction anthologies, including: The Fantastic Universe Omnibus (1960), Rulers of Men (1965), Gods for Tomorrow (1967), Flying Saucers in Fact and Fiction (1968), Crime Prevention in the 30th Century (1969), The Mighty Barbarians: Great Sword and Sorcery Heroes (1969), Gentle Invaders (1969), The Mighty Swordsmen (1970), & The Days After Tomorrow (1971). Harlan Jay Ellison (born May 27, 1934) is an American writer. His principal genre is speculative fiction. His published works include over 1,000 short stories, novellas, screenplays, teleplays, essays, and a wide range of criticism covering not only literature, but film, television, and print media. His reputation as an editor and anthologist was cemented with his two ground-breaking science fiction anthologies, Dangerous Visions and Again, Dangerous Visions. Ellison has won numerous awards, including multiple Hugos, Nebulas and Edgars. Original Autographed Letters & Documents.

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