Item #33326 THE HOGARTH LETTERS.[Complete set of 12 Pamphlets] Rare. Virginia Woolf, Leonard Woolf.

THE HOGARTH LETTERS.[Complete set of 12 Pamphlets] Rare.

London: The Hogarth Press, 1931-1933.

1st Edition. Virginia and Leonard Woolf, THE HOGARTH LETTERS. London: The Hogarth Press, 1931-33.
Scarce First Edition [Complete set of 12 Pamphlets] of the beautifully designed iconic pamphlets designed in a dynamic spectrum of colours by the English artist and writer John Banting.
Size: 7 3/8" x 4 3/4" Pamphlet-stitched binding.

Virginia and Leonard Woolf asked 12 writers to compose letters to whomever they desired. The Hogarth Press published these letters as a series of 12 individual pamphlets between 1931 - 1933. Offered here is the complete collection of the original pamphlets - which eleven out of the twelve here were later published in one volume in 1933. Seldom seen as a complete set and in such desirable condition. All universally Near Fine. The set is housed in two custom clamshell boxes.

Complete list:

1. A letter to Madan Blanchard by E. M. Forster. 1931.

2. A letter to an M.P. on disarmament by Viscount Cecil. 1931.

3. A letter to a sister by Rosamond Lehmann. 1931.

4. The French pictures: a letter to Harriet by Robert Mortimer. 1932.

5. A letter from a black sheep by Francis Birrell. 1932.

6. A letter to W.B. Yeats by L. A. G. Strong. 1932.

7. A letter to a grandfather by Rebecca West. 1933.

8. A letter to a young poet by Virginia Woolf. 1932.

9. A letter to a modern novelist by Hugh Walpole. 1932.

10. A letter to an archbishop by J. C. Hardwick. 1932.

11. A letter to Adolf Hitler by Louis Golding. 1932.

12. A letter to Mrs. Virginia Woolf by Peter Quennell. 1932.

A priceless collection for any Hogarth Press Collector.

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