Item #33154 1 page ALS. Mary Hemingway.

1 page ALS.


One page ALS, double sides, on personal Mrs. Ernest Hemingway cream coloured note card.
SIZE: 5" x 5 1/2", folded to 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" written in blue ink.
Dated: February 24, 1963.
Signed by Author. Mary Welsh was a reporter and Ernest Hemingways's forth and final wife. She met Ernest Hemingway in Paris in 1944 during the war, when she was a correspondent for the London Bureau of Time Inc. The couple married in Cuba in 1946. It was Mary, who discovered her husband's body after his suicide in Ketchum, Idaho on July 2, 1961 and who later edited three of his works.

The letter speaks of Ava Gardner who was a close friend of Ernest since 1957 and starred in his films. Mary also comments to her friend Don, what she thought about a review in The New Yorker Magazine.

Front Side:
Dear Don Gold - Thank you and do excuse my excessive chattering-"
like an unrepressed squirrel. I'll be seeing Ava soon - or hearing from her and will ask in many ways she is unlike what I think of as movie stars- seems to prefer keeping her private body, soul and spirit problems privately. Thank you for the book reviews. Mailer is deluded, I think - Wilson in THE NEW YORKER much more sinister- Best Mary H."

As a result of this, Mary sent a letter to the editor March 1 1963 to dispute some claims Mr. Edmund Wilson wrote about Hemingway in the Morley Callaghan book "That Summer in Paris that was published in The New Yorker February 23, 1963.

In excellent condition.

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