ALS To British Poet A. C. Swinburne. Leslie Stephen.
ALS To British Poet A. C. Swinburne

ALS To British Poet A. C. Swinburne.

22 Hyde Park Gate: Stephen Leslie, 1892.

1st Edition. Signed by Author. Stephen, Leslie. 2 pp. ALS. To British Poet A. C. Swinburne regarding the Memorial, (initiated by Leslie Stephen) for James Russell Lowell, American Romantic poet, critic, editor, diplomat, close friend of Leslie Stephen, great admirer of Julia Princep Stephen and Virginia Woolf's, nee Stephen, godfather, later erected at Westminster Abbey. (The Selected Letters Of Leslie Stephen, Editor John W. Bicknell). The first letter in Virginia Woolf's Collected Letters, is to her "godpapa", James Russell Lowell, written when she was six. "My dear godpapa, have you been to the Adirondacks and have you seen lots of wild beasts and a lot of birds in their nests. You are a naughty man not to come here. Good Bye. Your Affect. Virginia" 20, August, 1888.

Folded stationery handwritten on 3 sides - (4.5" x 7") -dated "22 Hyde Park Gate S.W., 29.4.92". Horizontal and vertical fold lines, some age toning.
In the letter, Stephen writes to A.C. Swinburne " ... As to last meeting of the Lowell
Memorial Committee...l think to speak frankly that you had some kind of passage of arms with Lowell, though I have forgotten details. I have not the pleasure of knowing you personally but I know your writings well enough to be quite sure
that no incident of that kind would prejudice you. Whatever you may think of the propriety of a Lowell memorial, I shall be quite certain that your opinions will be independent of my personal feeling. If you don't care to join us, I shall not be
surprized; but if you are interested to do so, we should all be proud to have you for a colleague. Yours truly, Leslie

Sir Leslie Stephen, was an author, philosopher, literary critic, founding editor of the Dictionary of National Biography and father of Virginia Woolf and Vanessa Bell.

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