CHILDHOOD'S END - Collector's Clamshell Case Only. Arthur C. Clarke.

CHILDHOOD'S END - Collector's Clamshell Case Only.

New York: Ballantine Books, 1953.

First Edition Custom Clamshell Case. Clarke, Arthur C. CHILDHOOD'S END.Collector's Clamshell Case Only. Superb Custom Fitted Modern Collector's Clamshell Bookcase [Not A Book] HAND-CRAFTED by our conservation team. The case is finished in gilt stamped black Nuba® with red sides, with sculpted' graphic design reflecting the amazing illustration. This clamshell is perfectly sized to accommodate your first edition. A Terrific Collector's Custom Case for an important Benchmark SF title. TBCL Web Site photo/link available for OVER 100 generally in-stock titles. Custom Craft available upon request. Book definitely NOT included.

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