1 page ALS. Marianne Moore.
1 page ALS

1 page ALS.

One page ALS, double sides, on personal letterhead, 260 Cumberland Street, Brooklyn 5, New York, dated November 11, 1954. Moore was widely recognized for her work; among her many honors were the Bollingen prize, the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

She writes in full;
"November 11. 1954. Nancy! These flowers- like jewels under the light- all in their most potent strength – just beginning to open – some with a little angle or fold like a sweet pea petal- at the edge of the leaf they have been buds so recently closed buds;
Bringing a scent of moss or coolness to me; The leaves crisp and vivid. All the stems
bared partway ready for the vase! You drive my troubles away and cause courage to rise.
If you could know how I thank you. Nancy! And the message. You metamorphase me into something I care to be. I tried to disguise my defects (even toiled over my recaleibrants buckle and edge
collar. and wary lace that wouldn't obey me); and how grateful I am that you managed to like what
I said- I felt very uncertain about mentioning Edward. I then remembered that he liked my including the lives he had given me. in a program The Museum of Modern Art. How rare of you, Nancy, & Quite my misgivings- to give to me Voices- to the eye and the mind. I felt robbed where Frances Steloff told me you both ? at the Waldorf- and I so anxious to hear you; but Marion says I couldn't have been let in under any circumstances and I shall hear you at the Metropolitan Museum. Again, my little roses on the tall stems!! What enchantments they import to my circular table in the hall- surprising me each time I glance toward them. I hope. Nancy. that you will not be needing reprieve and incentives to courage, but that you may always have them when you do. With Love, Marianne. And such a well ? of these regal little guests & (extending the vermilious of my favorite painting and scenting my place of toile with fragrance & of the country.”

In excellent condition.

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