CANADIAN POEMS. 1850-1952. Signed. Louis. Layton Dudek, Irving, Edit.

CANADIAN POEMS. 1850-1952. Signed.

Toronto: Contact Press, [1953, 1953.

First Edition. Soft cover. Signed by Author. Dudek, Louis. Layton, Irving. (Edit.). Dudek, Louis. Layton, Irving. (Edit.).Toronto: Contact Press, (1953). First Edition of the important second edition, briefly Inscribed by Louis Dudek on the title-page, adding poetry by Elizabeth Brewster, Earle Birney, Raymond Souster, A. M. Klein, Earle Birney et al. 8vo. 160 pp. Bright and fresh in the original beige wrappers, printed in brown and green. (Gnarowski, Contact Press 1952-1967).

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