ONE PAGE TLS FROM ROBERT FINK 11/10/58. Henry Miller, Robert Fink.


N.P. CA. Fink, 11/10/58, 1958.

1st Edition. Signed by Author. ONE PAGE TLS FROM ROBERT FINK 11/10/58 to Henry Miller from his close friend Robert Fink [unsigned] on 8vo., off-white bond in near fine condition. "Henry my love:- / The Hungarians around here all f^&*!% me. None of them could give me the information. As a last resort I will look it up in the Encyclopedia Britannica. . . " What follows is a collect of Nasty limericks & instructions for their true creation: "In your dirty limerick, the Haut Limerick, as it were, not only do endings of lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme, but when written out they must be spelled exactly like the ending of line 1. Same goes for lines 3 & 4 if you wish to be a purist. The true mark of a phony limerickicist is when these things don't take place. In its highest form one does the impossible like. . . There was a young lady from Worestershire, / Who dreamt someone had seducedestershire, She awoke in the night, / With a terrible fright, / A tuft of the mattress had goosedestershire!: Robert Finkelstein (later Fink) was a fan, correspondent, and benefactor of Henry Miller. Their friendship strengthened when Fink and his wife Edie moved to Los Angeles from Chicago in 1949. Fink soon found an excellent job in Los Angeles and opened his own successful electronics business. The Finks visited Big Sur on weekends, sometimes taking food and other gifts for which Miller reciprocated with manuscripts and water colors. Fink offered help in Miller's attempts to help other impoverished writers who appealed to him for funds, food or a place to stay. Fink also began defending Miller against vilifying editorials, writing articles praising Miller's works and character. Provenance: PBA /The Personal Archive of Henry Miller Part I Fine Modern Literature Thursday, June 26, 1997. Original Autographed Letters & Documents.

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