Item #31916 SUPERB 4 PAGE ALS FROM BERT MATHIEU WITH PHOTOS OF DURRELL, TEMPLE & MATHIEU, October 6, 1978. Henry Miller, Bert Mathieu.


New Haven: Mathieu, October 6, 1978, 1978.

1st Edition. Signed by Author. Miller, Henry [Bert Mathieu] SUPERB 4 PAGE ALS FROM BERT MATHIEU WITH PHOTOS OF DURRELL, TEMPLE & MATHIEU, October 6, 1978. Superb 4 page Als from Miller's friend [& translator of Miller & Rimbaud], Bert Mathieu, 6 October 1978. Very Chatty. In part. "Dear Henry / There must be a great rejoicing in your house this week after the announcement that the Nobel Prize had gone to Bashevis Singer! If they haven't got the guts to give it to Henry Miller, the least they can do is give it to a writer whom you warmly admire. I'll never forget the story you told me last year about Singer's response when you told him of your admiration for Knut Hamsun. All three of you are giants, of course. And I'm convinced that you will also get the Nobel. It's only fitting that all three of you should have it. "All you have to do is live long enough". . . Larry Durrell joined us all in writing to the Nobel Committee, as you had recommended, but he seemed to think you were far above such awards! As far as he was concerned (and I'm with him 100%). Giving Henry Miller the Nobel Prize id like presuming to offer the Nobel Prize to Homer, to Dante, to Dostoevsky, to Whitman, Such writers don't need it." Besides as Larry quickly added, "Henry awarded himself the Nobel Prize years ago at the Villa Surat." / What a trip I had in the south of France! The visit to Larry's was the high point. . . As you predicted. . . We spent many hours talking about everything from sex to the Tao Te Ching, from wine to Nietzsches Sils Maria. . . I'm sending you a couple of photos to give you an idea of the warmth of the visit. / Bert". Three, 3" x 5" colour photos enclosed of Durrell, F.J. Temple & Bert with snappy captions by Bert on the verso: 1 - "Henry / Do you recognize F. J. Temple on the right? He was living with a beautiful young woman on the second floor at Durrell's", 2 "Sommieres, July 30, 1978 / This photo was taken on the day of my departure. We had hit it off and had been having some good talk. Here, we're all a bit subdued", 3 - "Larry playing the clown! Every time the camera appeared, he would be magically transformed into a buffoon. What a man!" With original mailing envelope on which Miller has written "File". [Frederic-Jacques Temple was born in Montpellier in 1921, where he still resides. Ami et biographe d'Henry Miller, compagnon de voyages et d'écriture de Blaise Cendrars, de Lawrence Durrell ou de Joseph Delteil, FJ Temple est à la fois essayiste, poète et romancier. Friend and biographer of Henry Miller, companion travel and writing by Blaise Cendrars, Lawrence Durrell or Joseph Delteil, FJ Temple is both an essayist, poet and novelist]. Provenance: PBA /The Personal Archive of Henry Miller Part I Fine Modern Literature Thursday, June 26, 1997. Original Autographed Letters & Documents.

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