JEAN DUFY. Othon Friesz. als. Jean Othon Friesz Dufy.

JEAN DUFY. Othon Friesz. als.

New York: Plaza Hotel / Perls Galleries, n.d. 1938. 1938.

1st Edition. Signed by Author. 4 page, 5" x 8 3/4" folded exhibition promotional catalogue printed in black & white on stiff semi-gloss paper stock. With the original Othon Friesz autograph manuscript used as text for the introduction of the catalogue of the Jean Dufy exhibition held at the Perls Galleries. Written in French on The Plaza Hotel, New York, stationery, 1938, 1 page, about 6 by 8 inches, in very good plus condition. The manuscript in Friesz's hand is not signed but credited in the catalogue in which the introduction by Friesz has been translated into English. Friesz writes: "An Exhibition of Jean Dufy's works coincides with my sojourn in New York. I am happy to see the sparkling and witty canvases of our "little" Jean so fortunately placed here. It has been said too often, and erroneously, that he imitates his big brother Raoul. Surely, he directly stems from him. He absorbed the color technique of his elder brother, as well as the expressive and spontaneous form of statement which he uses with savor to express his very personal emotions. But to see him as any servile imitation of Raoul Dufy would be a serious blunder. In the case of brothers so closely united within their family and their lives - was not Jean the best draftsman in his brother' s atelier? - it would be almost strange that they should not resemble each other. Instead of deploring the resemblances, one should rather see in the case of the brothers Dufy a situation paralleling that of the brothers Le Nain". Othon Friesz was one the most important painters at the start of the twentieth century; one of the founders & leading painters of Fauvism from Le Havre, along with George Braque & Raoul Dufy. During his early years of painting before & in the Fauve style, he often painted & exhibited with Henri Matisse, Albert Marquet, Henri Manguin, Jean Puy, Andre Derain, Maurice Vlaminck and others. He remained a life long friend of Raoul Dufy, both of whom were born & learned art in Le Havre. A lovely item. Original artist autograph manuscripts like Friesz are extremely scarce & seldom come on the market. This one is enhanced because it discusses one great artist's impressions of another. [Some glue mounting remains on the verso of the catalogue otherwise fine].

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