EXPLAINING THE ATOM. Signed. [Lawrence Northcote Upjohn's Copy].

New York: The Viking Press, 1947.

1st Edition. Hardcover. Signed by Author. [Einstein] Hecht, Selig. EXPLAINING THE ATOM. Signed. New York: The Viking Press, 1947. First Edition. Early 'Post War', Einstein Association Copy of Selig Hecht's EXPLAINING THE ATOM presented by Dr. Einstein. to Lawrence Northcote Upjohn, President of The Upjohn Pill And Granule Company. 8vo., 205pp. Publisher's blind embossed light blue cloth, faded at the spine. A very good copy. L.N. Upjohn received Selig Hecht's book "Explaining the Atom" on 5-5-47. At that time, he signed his name along with that date on the inside cover. The dustwrapper was removed & tipped in sections to the verso of the ffe & half title as well as the rfe & final pastedown. Just four months later, Selig Hecht's obituary dated 9-19-47 was also pasted to the verso of the first half-title along with his photo on the title page. Upjohn's reference notes about Atomic particles & the Atom dated June '48 & July 59 reflects his more than just passing interest. The Einstein presentation Signed Letter is neatly tipped to the second half-title page; 1 page [mimeographed] on the letterhead of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists, dated April 29, 1947. The letterhead lists Albert Einstein as Chairman & Selig Hecht as Hon. Vice-Chairman of the Committee along with Linus Pauling, Philip Morse & other scientists as officials*. The letter reads: "Dear Mr. Upjohn, / I am glad to have the opportunity to send you the enclosed book, Explaining the Atom, by Selig Hecht, honorary vice-chairman of the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. Dr. Hecht has succeeded in giving, clearly and simply, and authoritative account of the scientific steps, both theoretical and experimental, that have led to our present knowledge of nuclear fission. I believe also that from this book the discerning reader can gain the information necessary to form an independent opinion of the practical problems of atomic energy confronting the world today. Remembering your concern for these problems, and your interest in the work of our committee, I hope that you may also share my admiration and respect for this distinguished book. / With kind regards, Faithfully yours, A. Einstein" Signed by Einstein in black ink. Custom medium blue slipcase with three darker blue gilt-lettered spine labels, custom stiff blue cloth chemise. - L.N. Upjohn (Lawrence Northcote Upjohn) the nephew of William Erastus Upjohn, the founder of the Upjohn Pill and Granule Company. In 1904, Lawrence Northcote, joined the firm at the age of 31, beginning as association as an employee that would last almost half a century. In May of 1930, L.N. Upjohn was named president a position he held until 1953. *Background: In May, 1946, Albert Einstein, R.F. Bacher, Hans A. Bethe, Edward U. Condon, Thorfin R. Hogness, Leo Szilard, Harold C. Urey, & V.F. Weisskopf joined together to form the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientists. These scientists in turn were later joined by Selig Hecht, Harrison Brown, and H.J. Mueller. The object of the Committee as stated in their by-laws was to encourage and further the peaceful uses of atomic energy. To attain this objective the "Committee was to solicit private contributions in support of the work of the National Committee for Atomic Information." On August 6, 1946 the Emergency Committee of Atomic Scientist s was incorporated in Princeton, New Jersey in order "that the contributions it received might be devoted to other groups interested in the field of atomic information & education as well as the NCAI." Included among these groups were the Association of Scientists for Atomic Education, the Federation of American Scientists, & the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The ECOAS while supporting these various groups of scientists' organization whose ends were the education of the public & the United States' government in the potential uses & misuses of atomic energy, also carried on extensive educational programs. These programs had as their objective in addition to the raising of funds the.

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