Original Autograph Letter to Francis Carco. Jules Pascin.

Original Autograph Letter to Francis Carco.

Paris [c1920]: Pascin.

1st Edition. Framed & Glazed. Signed by Author. Jules Pascin [Julius Pinkas aka] Vidin - 1885 / 1930. known as the "Prince of Montparnasse", was a 'colourful' Bulgarian painter famous for his lively emotional life & his paintings of his fragile 'petites filles'. ALS, [Carte Pneumatique] postmarked Paris: [c. 1920]. Addressed to the writer, poet, journalist & author of French songs of Corsican origin, Francis Carco, [1886- 1958]. Postmarked Paris, A note to Carco from Pascin: "Must leave tonight and can't come tomorrow to Taverne des Moulins", but hoping to get together upon his return at the beginning of July. In friendship / Pascin". François Carcopino-Tusoli , known as Francis Carco [1886-1958]. Writer, poet, journalist & author of French songs of Corsican origin. A very nice association item linking these two greats of this important cultural period. Double glazed [Recto /Verso] & framed to an overall size of: 12" x 13" [4" 1/4 x 5" 1/2], in a handsome sculpted black frame, elegantly triple matted. Excellent item. In his story, A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway wrote a chapter titled With Pascin At the Dôme, recounting a night in 1923 when he had stopped off at Le Dôme and met Pascin escorted by two models. Hemingway's depiction of the events of that night are considered one of the defining images of Montparnasse at the time. Original Autographed Letters & Documents.

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