Collecting autograph material is an intriguing avocation. You literally feel the subject in ways that are so much more personal, perhaps spiritual, every piece is an invocation to knowledge & history, an education ne plus ultra. TBCL offers a fine selection of museum quality framed & glazed photos, letters & documents from a very wide range of collecting interests.

Highlights include a selection of lovely artist letters including: Rembrandt Peale, Matisse, Miro, Bonnard, Rouault, Dufy, Tanguy, & Signac. Literary autographs include: Dylan Thomas, James Baldwin, George Bernard Shaw, Gustave Flaubert, Philip Larkin & a few interesting Longfellow letters. There are signed photos of Hermann Hesse, Gide, Nin, Henry Miller, a wonderful double signed photo of Kipling & Maurois, & a superb signed portrait of Theodore Dreiser. There’s a fine letter by Alexander Dumas, extraordinary autograph material from Marcel Marceau to Henry Miller as well as other Letters from the Henry Miller Archive, a selection of fine tribute letters to Steinway & Sons celebrated its Centennial from Steinway artists around the globe including Yehudi Menuhin, Pablo Casals & others - manuscript Jean Paul Sartre, Hermann Hesse, Woody Allen play scripts, Ross Macdonald/Kenneth Miller's doctoral thesis "COLERIDGE AND THE INWARD EYE, an Andrew Carnegie Letter with an interesting Robert Burns slant, an outstanding early Mordecai Richler letter to his Cape reader for our local collectors & More including most curious & even more curious stuff by Aleister Crowley.

Highlights from Our Autograph Gallery